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January Blues

January is and has always been a month of contrasts.

Dullness after the lights and glitz of Christmas and New Year are packed away. Some people get quite depressed at the thought of a few more months of winter, dark nights, dark mornings and nothing seemingly to look forward. For me it is a time to take stock, look back at the last year, catch-up with paperwork and plan the year ahead. Although having said that I am not very good at planning ahead I am more a "let's see what happens" type of person and enjoy the thrill of not knowing what is round the corner!

As an independent shop-keeper it can be a rather frugal month. Sales are always thin and careful planning is needed to cater for this month and through until the middle of February when things will start to pick up again. I would advise any new shop start-ups to plan for this, it really is a very quiet time of year and you need to budget for the fact that the same money leaves your account - rent, electric, heating, bank and card charges etc - however you will have less coming in.

Things will pick up again so don't get too depressed about it. There isnt anything wrong it is just the time of year and the same will happen every year!


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