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Majolica Pottery

Majolica Pottery is something you either LOVE or HATE. It was the height of fashion in the late 1880's with companies such as Minton and George Jones making stunning table pieces using this brightly coloured technique. Majolica is highly decorative and uses bright glazes, turquoise, pink, greens and cobalt blues were used on many pieces.

They depicted plants, birds, shells, cherubs and animals in moulded pottery covered in bright, shiny glazes. Not only was it made extensively in the UK for the English market but there are also many pieces that were made in Italy, Portugal, Spain and France.

Personally I love it, I find the pieces bright, colourful and interesting. I always have! Perhaps it is because I have always loved nature, shell and fossil collecting and that is why it appeals to me.

Various pieces have come and gone in my years as a trader. Today I picked up a beauty, standing 20" tall it isnt small! Made in Italy it is a stunning piece depicting two life-sized parrots.

Have a look at the photos andmake your own minds up - LOVE it or HATE it? I should be interested to hear what you all think.

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