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They say you are never to old to learn new skills and it appears that in this part of Suffolk there are plenty of enthusiastic people out there clamouring to learn new hobbies and skills.

Last year I was approached by Coastal Leisure Learning who offer a vast array of evening classes in and around Leiston, Woodbridge, Saxmundham and even as far afield as Stradbroke. This band of dedicated hard working ladies organise all sorts of classes from learning a language, cake decorating, wood-working and even philosophy! They thought that there might be an interest in adding Furniture Painting to their offerings so we advertised a 4 hour taster session one Saturday. The response was huge and I went on to teach a 5 week evening course in the run up to Christmas. This band of ladies were fantastic and we had a really enjoyable time. Not only did we paint some furniture, indeed a couple of ladies managed two, but I also taught them decoupage, crackle-glazing, distressing, dry brushing, colour washing and various waxing and finishing techniques. I think they all went away more confident and with the knowledge to tackle all kinds of projects using Autentico Chalk paints.

Tonight I start a 4 week course with another 10 ladies eager to learn. I wonder what items of furniture will appear and what colours they will choose? I am looking forward to inspiring them into taking their first steps into the addictive world of upcycling! Not only is it helping prevent dated furniture from ending up at the tip but it is also quite theraputic to turn a drab unloved item into a unique and loved piece again.

So popular these classes are proving to be that another course will be running after half term and we have another 4 hour class that has sold out and are looking at a second date - so it will be all systems go until the middle of March. I guess I can't complain about not having anything to do!!

If you are interested but can't manage to book a place on these classes don't forget that I also teach from the Shop. I have a small workshop area out the back and offer 2 and 3 hour one-to-one or 2 people classes tailored to suit you. Give me a call or email if you too would like to learn some new skills.


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