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Autentico Sparkling Waxes

Those of you that read my Blog on a regular basis know that I teach Furniture Painting Workshops either at the shop itself or through the local adult education services in my area. This weekend I had two four hour ones on Saturday and Sunday.

On the Saturday class a lady brought a sturdy little pine console table. She was painting it for her husband's office and wanted it to be quite masculine. She opted for Autentico Nearly Black. Once she was happy with the depth of colour, we looked at different waxes and finshes that she could opt for. She decided not to distress it but took the brave step to use one of the Autentico Sparkling waxes and picked the Old Silver one.

Over the top of the black paint it immediately transformed the item giving it a gun-metal metalic sheen. As you can see from the photo it looked absolutely stunning!

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